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On Sunday 30th June and in sweltering heat Liam McEvoy assisted Director of Photography Olivier Koos and Editor Paloma Lommel with the filming of the Iron Man triathlon European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany.

Not withstanding the 45°C heatwave the day posed several new challenges as he not only shot video from a small motorised boat for the first time but also rode as passenger (and filmed) on a motorbike for the first time ever. A terrific experience with a wonderful crew.


On Saturday night (June 22nd 2019) Luxembourg celebrated the start of its national day celebrations with a night of street parties, firework displays and open air concerts. Perhaps none more impressive than that of 19 year old Luxembourgish rap sensation Maz. On the St.Espirt stage Maz rocked adoring fans and casual listeners alike in a 40-minute set that left audience members marvelling at how little known he is on the international scene. "For someone so young and with English as a 2nd language it's incredible how good he is" said Willem Nijman. "This kid has skills man" commented established Canadian hip-hop artist Hotrox.

LDMCEVOY Pictures crew of Liam McEvoy and Laura Drake were on hand to capture the event on camera as part of a special teaser addition of the upcoming interview show "Daring Dream", an online program designed to bring attention to breakout artists and entrepreneurs and inspire generations both young and old to follow their passions and dreams.

The interview with Maz will air during the week of July 1st on

In the meantime be sure to check out Maz on social media at the following links.

The young star is also close to completing his dream of financing a European tour through a kickstarter campaign. If you'd like to support the next big thing in Hip-hop then head on over to

and choose from a variety of merchandise and exclusive perks. The price of which will go towards helping this rising star get to the next level in his career. The campaign runs only until Midnight on July 14th so be quick!


After the incredible reaction to the movie at the Utopia private screening in May, Producer/Director Liam McEvoy has begun submitting The Spirit of the Game (SOTG) for consideration at festivals across North America. The film will face tough competition to be selected in the best feature-documentary categories at each festival. Stay tuned to for all the latest news on the film's journey across the world.

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